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We turn our music down and we whisper say what youre thinking out loud

My mom suddenly decided to spaz out entirely, and as a result of this I couldn't go to my riding lesson.
This sucks, I reeeaaallly wanted to ride tonight. And it sucked having to call riley and cancell for the second time in a row.

I can't wait until afater school tomorrow because then this horribly long week will be OVER. I'm soooo sick of school, and I think it's like 9 days until christmas break starting monday, and I won't even be in school then thanks to FABULOUS things like traveling chorus trips to the mall. Gotta love it.

Hmmm. I have to start making cookies and junk but i'm really lazy. omg the Samantha movie is soooo good, lol, however childish it might be to love the American Girl movie. I cried at the end. It was just so adorable. I wish that had been out when I was little, back when I dressed my Samantha doll every day in a different outfit and took her EVERYWHERE with me.

I just analyzed 48 diatonic triads. I wish music theory work wasn't so It's actually really easy though, just time consuming, and time is one thing I don't have a whole lot of.

Mmmm. I just realized that I have my mom's credit card number and could just go on an internet shopping spree. But I won't. Because I am such a good person.


It's raining. I wish it was colder so it could snow, becuase I love snow.


"throw your arms around the world at christmastime"

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