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watching the world fall on you i'm keeping my eyes closed

I really fucking hate my family.
So, my mom and all of my siblings are out to dinner with Ian.
I'd rather not go shopping for three weeks than go to dinner with him.
Which is why I am here, sitting in my house excercising and watching Made in icky gray sweatpants and a central sweatshirt. And drinking giner ale. blech.

Because, according to my mom, I haven't done EVERYTHING she's asked me to do all week so I can't go to lauren's/the farm. Noooooo, I don't babysit EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY until two in the morning while she goes to "work". I don't not go to meetings and leave dance/chorus/whatever else early so I can do shit for her. NO. I haven't seen my horses in I think three weeks. Not since the drill ride, when I spent those four oh so blissful days completely removed from my family and household.

So, history was tres interesante. I started crying in the middle of a discussion about humanitarianism. It's not my fault I totally wish we could all save the world. And like dave didn't KNOW he was going to upset me majorly with that one comment, which I won't even go into. I'm really fucking getting sick of people.

I have a ton of crap to do this weekend and I have noooo idea when/how i'm going to get it all done. I have to...

1. Write and record my Voice of Democracy Essay
2. Do the history study guide and somehow learn an entire chapter in two days.
3. See above, only with music theory.
4. Finish my application for Governer's School
5. Continue working on my portfolio.
6. Get to the barn, somehow.
7. Do my sociology homework, which will be pretty much impossible since I don't have my book.
8. Read The Crucible.

Yeah, i'm seeing any of that actually happening. Not.


"talking backwards to you, it meant nothing to me"
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