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I let go, there's just no one who gets me like you do...

I feel very unproductive. I'm sure I have homework that I should be doing but i'm not. And I know for a fact that I need to be working on my portfolios. THREE. Why are there three in mine?

I am completely addicted to magazines. This morning's purchase of the new Marie Claire was my fifth this week. I believe this is boredering on being unhealthy. Tiff came over and we did something we haven't done in like forever involving a lot of cookie dough, macaroni and cheese, frozen pizza, ice cream, and Lifetime. lol. ahhhh.

I want to go shopping. I am feeling a serious lack of fall/winter accessories.
I want to write something that will blow the judges for governer's school and davidson fellows away.
I want to see my horses, I want to RIDE my horses and enjoy myself for a change.
I want to walk up and down the ocean gate beach eating chinese food and not caring about anything with old friends who I don't even talk to anymore.
I want to be excited about this weekend being halloween.
I want to not care about all of the useless crap that I care about.
I want to paint my nails shimmery chocolate brown and not smudge them within five minutes.
I want that bone in my back to not hurt when I do crunches on the hardwood floor.
I want to not move in december.
I want to rake a huge pile of leaves and play in them while drinking hot chocolate with my friends like we're six years old again.
I want to walk into my house, no need for makeup because my skin is miraculously perfect and the fall wind is better than stilla blush, to s'mores, disney trivial pursuit, and cashmere pajamas.
I want all-day movie marathons during snow days and six different kinds of cake, baked by yours truly and her best friends.
I want apple cider from delicious orchards and a guilt-free thanksgiving with my family, the way it used to be.
I want my far cry jacket to come in. I want to make bran mash and not care that my hands are freezing because its 20 below and we're all sticking our hands in boiling water outside.
I want eight am bareback rides in the snow.
I want the nutcracker at lincoln center, 5th avenue holiday window displays, and little cafes in the village.
I want to no more high school drama, dance committees, team captain catfights, or jealousy.
I want to go ice skating in the school parking lot in the middle of the night.
I want true love, world peace, straight a's, and the perfect pair of suede knee-high boots with skinny four inch heels.
I want these to really be, as the ataris say, the best days of out lives.


"broken this fragile thing now, and I can't, I can't pick up the pieces..."
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