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that's where she lies, broken inside

I really like this song, even though avril is a semi-poser.

I just had such a good lesson. Even though it was like retardedly cold and junk. I heart the new bit we're using and he was just soooo good. I had a few moments of omg my brain just doesn't work, like this one combination that I did right five times and then screwed up for no reason because i'm retarded, but other than that really it was fabulous.

Muscial audition tomorrow and then the dance one on friday. woot. I know i'm not going to get the part unless no seniors try out for it, which of course they will, but w/e. I have another lesson tomorrrrrroowwwww. I have so much CRAP to do tomorrow and friday its i-n-s-a-n-e. And then the far cry party on saturday :)

and I have done NO shopping.


"she can't find her place
she's losing her faith
she's fallen from grace
she's all over the place"
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