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Can I be here one more day until my sunburn fades away?

Oh it's so nice to be off the couch for the first time in two days.
I H-A-T-E being sick, living on juice and cough drops, and watching tv.
After watching Season 6 of Sex and the City in its entirety yesterday, I found myself actually caring about the patherically overprivellaged lives of Carrie,Charlotte,Samantha,and Miranda as well as Big and "The Russian". It sort of scared me, just a tiny bit. Then again, there was nothing else to do.

As an attempt to save me from becoming completely immersed in tv, my mom gave me one of my christmas presents early. Everything About Me is Fake..and I'm Perfect, by Janice Dickinson. Soooooooo good. And then we all watched the new Harry Potter and ordered pizza that I couldn't eat really late.

OOH! Semi-exciting thing, I found out that I got 1st place for the district for Voice of Democracy, so I get to go to the state thing in february, and if I win that then I go to nationals. I was actually surprised because I didn't think it was very good at all, but hey, i'm not complaining. It would be cool to win the whole thing because its a 25,000 scholarship, but i'm not going to get my hopes up or even think about it really, because then I know I definetly won't get it. But it's still cool just to have won this one.

Alright, i'm gonna go lay downnnnn...


"can I sell a sunrise
in return for a sunset?"
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