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Take my hand and we'll make it I swear...

hahaha what a great losing song...

Happy Turkey Day! :)
I am thankful for...
-wool mini skirts
-chocolate covered cherries
-Laguna Beach
-Shady 711s
-my new "Just Like Heaven" ringtone
-my friends, college vacations, and 5 day weekends
-the Ocean Gate Beach
-chai lattes
-mix cds

The mime was great yesterday...WoW is all I have to say. Where do they come up with this crap? My thanksgiving has been good, compared to previous ones. Went to the game this morning but left when we were losing 28-0 in the third quarter, lol. Last night was probably the most interesting night I have ever had. Ditched actual plans for a hunt for three very interesting things I will not go into here, but two of them are on that list and one i'm not going to put because...well...yeah. lol. I'm just not going to. Suffice to say that it would be unexpected of me. I love just driving around Bayville, and nights like last night are the ones that make me almost like it here. I felt like such a stupid teenager but it was all good.

Has anyone ever noticed that little kids around here are definetly doing things WAY earlier? I was at cool beans last night and there was like a troupe of south pole wearing ten year old teeny boppers with their "dates" acting like they owned the place drinking out of stewarts root beer bottles but chugging it like it was beer. wtf? When I was ten I was watching bill nye the science guy. What happened to kids in the suburbs being kids?


"The bj is the new american handshake" - Whit Johnston '80
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