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'cause we all need a little more room to live

The absolute bizareness that comes with the holiday season is beginning to take hold. Last night I woke up from being sound asleep at 1 am, walked downstairs, ate doughnuts from delicious orchards (of which we have a rediculous amount in my house right now) and then went back to bed like nothing happened.
The thing is, I love the presents (and present giving), christmas trees, new clothes for the various gatherings I am forced to go to every year, major sales, snow, et all, I hate loathe and despise the fact that one is expected to do nothing but eat from thanksgiving until after new years, when everyone promtly goes on crash diets to try to undo the damage done. Wouldn't it make a lot more sense not to do the damage in the first place?

So...Saturday I went shopping at my favorite place in the whole wide universe, Greenwich Village. After spending nearly an hour trying on a rediculous amount of jeans at Olive & Bette's (none of them fit), I left with legwarmers, a cute t-shirt, and an amethyst and rose quarts bracelet that is really pretty and I haven't had the opportunity to wear yet. I also got two really fabulous bags (no matter what Ben says) at this other place we passed on the way to the car. We had to leave super fast because Kayla's dance suddenly ended early. I indulged my somewhat morose mood at not finding a single pair of jeans that fit by way of a giant pistachio soft serve chocolate dipped waffle cone that you can only get at the Carvel on Coney Island Avenue in Brooklyn.

Sunday, Cherry Hill Mall. Again, time was limited because I had a lesson @ 7, but I got a really cute skirt at Abercrombie and 2 sweaters and a tank top from H&M. Then we went to Bahama Breeze for dinner, which was surprisingly good for a chain restaraunt, and then off to my lesson. It was actually really good. I had a slight mental block about the triple at first, because I am severely retarded. I learned this by doing it eighteen bijillion times until I was so comfortable with it that I actually enjoyed doing it. And then I was actually doing really well until I fell of in the middle of one of my courses. But it wasn't even really falling because I landed on my feet, got back on, and then finished the course like nothing happened. That just made me feel even more stupid.

Yesterday was super boring for the most part. Dance was okay, nothing special. Liz was sick so Ashley taught our jazz and Megan taught hip hop. I think I was actually getting my illusions better. Today I was feeling kind of icky but I got through the day. Worked on my direct at mock trial for like an hour, and then went to chorus for ten minutes or so. Real Worlded with Jen for the first time in god only knows how long, which was fun and nostaligic and all that junk.

And now I am at home. And its super cold in my house and i'm super bored. I just burned a grilled cheese sandwich, so I put it in the microwave to try and save it and it just got even more fucked up. lol. maybe I should take cooking.


"It's to dying in anothers arms
and why I had to try it
it's to Jimmy Eat World
and those nights in my car
when the first star you see
may not be a star..."
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