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and now we're guilt stricken sobbing with our heads on the floor...

I am feeling very...90s right now. For no reason really I guess well except that i'm all blah and the only thing that pulls me out of these particular blahs is Third Eye Blind and Verve Pipe and Edwin McCain.Especially Edwin McCain, since it reminds me of pre-med gorgeous boy that I met in florida at the concert almost exactly a year ago. And Full House re-runs until I almost think that Jesse is incredibly hot like I did when I was like twelve. Lol.

Dance. woot. Class last night and then at school today and it was all good. I wanna find out which production number i'm gonna be in. I kinda wanna be in the santa's workshop one just because being a snow fairy sounds like it could be fun in a weird juvenile kind of way.

School is insane. My mind is nowhere on it, and I know that it's junior year and the most important and blah blah blah but I can't seem to focus at ALL. Tomorrow should be a nice break thought. Trip to see twelfth night and then a lesson. I want to ride so bad but i'm not looking forward to 2+ hours of sheer pain and agony. And that's not an exaggeration, lol. But it's worth it, just to get to ride and hopefully do better than I did on Friday.

My house is freezing. There is some kind of crisis going on but of course no one will tell me what it is. So whatever, i'll just ignore them. I think i'm going to turn the heat up and go put on pants instead of shorts. And then go watch Thrills and Spills or something lame like that because I ran out of motivation to edit Pieces of Eden for my portfolio after two vignettes. I am such a slacker. I friggen invented sliding through honors/ap classes with absolutely minimal work and still somehow pulling off decent grades. Except when I realize that I am never going to get into a good college that way and go on one of my psycho accademicly obsessed rampages. My GPA could probably use one of those right now. Oh well. I'm not feeling one coming on.


"For the life of me
I cannot believe
we'd ever die for these sins
we were merely freshman"
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