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hold to the light that guides you, hold on to the air that cools you, hold on...

So. Thursday I had a lesson, which actually went pretty well. It was, challenging I guess you would say, and even though I didn't do everything perfect and I hurt sooo bad when it was over, it was totally worth it because I learned SO MUCH. We did flat and then grids for a little while and thenw orked on some lines and did a course, which I did clean, even though it wasn't the most organized thing in the world and I messed up on one or two turns. It was nice knowing that it WASN'T perfect, and that I knew exactly what I had done worng afterwards.
I had to wear my stupid aircast in school thanks to my stupid ankle, and then I had to take it off for tap and I couldn't find my soft brace so that wasn't exactly the most pleasant thing, but I did good, w/e, and we picked out our costumes, which I REALLY like a lot. I have ALMOST perfect, my hips are ONE INCH too wide. That's realllly annoying. thirtysix-twentysix-THIRTYSEVEN. lmao.

I had another lesson last night, woot, sort of. I somehow managed to get my aircast inside my boot and zipper it, how exactly I did this i'm not entirely sure. We worked on rein aids and junk on the flat and I got everything and did it but five minutes into my flat, if that, I thought I was going to DIE. The brace definetly helps my position but it hurt MAJOR. But whatever I dealt with it. And then I dealt with it while I was jumping, and I knew in my head what I was supposed to do but I was making stupid mistakes, which piss me off even more than huge ones. Like at the redwhiteandblue spread fence the first time I just wasn't looking right, and then my brace hit my saddle weird and my foot came out of my stirrup and so I didn't take it even though I should have, and then I took it right and on my way to the last fence the top of my brace got stuck against the saddle and I couldn't move my leg. We still took it fine but if he had pulled nething I would have been screwed.

ugh. someone is here to look @ the house. im out

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