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If love is a labor i'll slave till the end...

I am so sick of school. And school related everything. Student Congress is pretty high on my list of things that I am not cool with right now. As is chorale/drama and dance. Mock trial hasn't really started yet so I don't particularly have an opinion of it. I'm never at writing lub because it really kind of sucks this year. I need to go to an interact meeting to bering up the haitian thing, and i'm going to have to start tutoring for honor society soon I guess, in addition to somehow figuring out algebra 2, having never actually taken algebra 1. Yeah.

I finally got to the farm around 7:30. I didn't think I was riding because i'd heard carly was there so I was just gonna go see shadow and give snickers a light work, but she called me over while she was riding and was like, are you gonna get on? So I went and switched the tack, and the bridle I was using didn't have a curb chain and I couldn't find a running martingale so I had to use a standing but w/e. I rode :-D He was good on the flat, and jumping he was good too, but I wasn't as good as I was the other night, not by a long shot. The jumps were a LOT lower they were like 2'6" and I rode one fence like I was on snickers and he knocked a rail but it was my fault because I looked at it. Got yelled at briefly for not going all the way out into the corner after the stars but I fixed it and he said "we will play" in our lesson tomorrow. Even though I did not put in the most stellar performance I was still super happy just to be riding and jumping.

I got my jacket. WoOt. It's in the wash right now so it breaks in. Lol laur we are no longer nomads. I have to clean tomorrow before my lesson @ 3, and then i'll probably give snickers a light work, either longeing or riding depending on how my ankle is, because it hurts like hell right now, and play with shadow. Ugh. I hate the winter because my stupid joint freezes and it hurts so bad when I put weight on it as soon as I get off. Between today and then a lesson tomorrow and then tap on friday and then probably a lesson afterwards, I think it will probably fall off or something.

I think I wanna go watch the show on sunday but I dunno. I really want to show but carly is taking kid and I don't wanna take snickers, for quite obvious reasons. There is so much crap to do that I can't keep track of it all, and getting back into riding seriously is in the forefront of my mind. Like, i'm at the point where I have ZERO desire to do anything school related anymore, chorale especially. I'm seriously on the verge of quitting. I just don't know what to do. I am so worried about getting into a good college but at the same time I want the extra year. I feel totally jipped. I wish I was a sophomore instead of a junior, like I should be, damnit.


"I'll show you mine
if you show me yours first
let's compare scars
i'll tell you whose is worse
let's unwrite these pages
and replace them with our own words"
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