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Oh what can it mean to a daydream believer and a homecoming queen?

Where to even begin? lol.

Thursday night I got to the barn at like six but it felt really late so I didn't ride. Went to laur's...had a lot of fun doing nothing (hehe) and watching Shrek 2 and then fell asleeeeeep. Friday we went to Collingswood and walked around for like 2 hours, and then ordered pizza and junk before we went to the barn. (IN OUR PAJAMAS lmao) I rode w/ laur and sorta sarah since she was riding Pita but so was sue...and then sarah got on snickers and I got on pita, who was super comfy lol, and sarah experienced what can only be described as the snickers experience, where one is inclined to laugh hysterically because its that bad but its also just that much fun.

Saturday was muy interesante. Helped lauren and jamie feed in the morning. I looove feeding, I wish I lived closer to the barn so I could do it more often lol. I rode Snickers, and thanks to laur and jamie actually jumped for the first time since AUGUST! He was his normal psychotic self, of course, and then they were gettin on my case cause I did the wall but I didn't want to do it with the pole over it because Im retarded. Then we went to Rick's and I got treats even though the last thing either of my horses need is to get fatter, lol. And THENN...

I got back to the barn and rode Kid. And I loved loved loved loved LOVED him. Okay at first I totally didn't because he is friggen HUGE especially compared to my narrow little 15.2 and 16.1h horses. I seriously feel like im bowlegged walking around today because he was so much bigger than im used to lmao. Soooo neway it took me a while to get used to his stride and the first couple of fences felt a little weird because he was so steady going up to them not the usual spasticness that im used to from snickers. And thne my mom got me really pissed about not wanting to do the wall with the stupid pole which made it a whole what three inches higher? So I was like, laur watch out im gonna do the fucking jump and I did and it was like the nicest fence id had so far. And then she walks in the barn and like announces to everyone "well, she jumped the wall." lmao.

So everything was all good and happy and then riley came in and had me do this little course and it was PERFECT except that I got unseated slightly when he tripped after the last fence but it was no big deal except that it was funny like I didn't fall or nething. And I was all happy for like rest of the night (ask ne1 who talked to me after I got home, lol.) And then today when we went to give the horses their blankets after we went to ricks me my mom and riley had this lovely little talk and we decided im definetly gettind rid of snickers (he hates him, lol) and i'm going to half lease Kid for a while and then get another horse. :-D I'm happy and excited and junk. I can finally ride a normal horse and not have to deal with snickers-esque crap. Even tho I know kid probably has his own list of issues, im fairly confident that I can deal with just about anything a horse will throw at me after snickers.

Wow that was really long. And really horsey. And i'm really happy about that. lol.


"cHeEr Up SlEePy JeAn"
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