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hold your breath because you only make things worse

I'm not going to school tomorrow hahaha.
Which means thaaaat.

a. I have five whole days to learn how to do slope
b. Mrs. Tice can get as pissed as she wants at me for not handing in my poster because I DONT CARE!!!!

I seriously almost FLIPPED OUT on her today. For like, the FIRST time ever, I didn't have my book and I went to share w/ someone and she spazzed and told me to sit at my desk with my hands folded. And then told me I was being insubordinate and definant...again. Like, she yelled at me like I was some retarded little freshman. So I sat there and did work for other classes all period, and whenever she looked at me I jsut glared at her like I DARE you to fucking say something you fat-kneed bitch.


So i'm looking forward to the weekend in a big way. I seriously need it. I need to be with friends who I haven't seen in what seems like a million trillion bazillion years. (but has really only been like a month)

Lauren we will make something better than you-know-what-it-is-thats-pissing-me-off. I don't know what but we will and it will kick ass.

I really want to not be so blah. I have to clean my room and I don't want to but its like..what? I have a floor? yeah. I also have a headache. and an insane amount of little italian bakery cookies that are probably whats making me sick. ahhhhhhhhh.

Im gonna go shop. The internet is a dangerous thing, lol.


"well thats what girls dreams are made of"
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